Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Tribe's List....

We are leaving this island in the Pacific, approx. 3,000 from mainland USA and going to the mainland. Here is our list of requirements from the Fluffy Tribe made with many good ideas from the bloggin' community:

1. Rabbie needs a vegatable garden.
2. The rats get to share the vegatable garden, ie they will pay Rabbie for vegetables.
3. Each species of fluffies need their own room to enjoy.
4. All cats, rats, and rabbie want an outdoor run that is safe from predators so we can enjoy the great outdoors.
5. Fresh water ponds throughout the house for drinking.
6. A large closet/jewelry box for outfits and collars for the Tribe.
7. New bowls idividualized with each individuals name and favorite colour.
8. A compooper just for the Tribe
9. The Tribe needs their own mailbox and address just for them so they can get packages.
10. At least one cat tree for effury cat in the house.

These are only 10 needs for right now and we feel they are furry conservative to ask for. Please submit yer answer Mom in the form of a Memo that can be read to the Tribe by our spokesbun Rabbie.

Sincerely submitted to Mom,
~Poiland Tribe

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Limerick for Ms Karen

Toe surgery’s on the books for Ms Karen

Whose limericks we keep on sharin’

She’s losin both nails

But not all the tales

She’s written and our hearts are still wearin’
~Poiland Tribe

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

BBBR-24 April 2007

Hello My Girl Bonita, Fellow Bloggin' Buddies, and Effuryone Else,

It is that time again-time for the Bad Bunny Burns Report.

Well as most of you haf heard, the Poiland Tribe and our 'beans are going to be mofing back to the mainland sometime in July or there abouts.

Mom has assured us we will be flying back in the most luxurious accomodations available to petsies on the metal thingys. I expect chilled spinach, a water fountain, and a lounging bed filled wif fresh hay.

Mom has also agreed to let us draw up our own list of things we want in the home we will be purchaseing. So we would like the imput of all our furriends to help us get ideas for the HOME NEEDS FOR THE FURRIES LIST. We will be submitting it to Mom on Furriday this week on the blog so get yer ideas to us in the comments ASAP.

Mom has also suggested that we may want to rename our blog when we move. We are considering this and may hold a contest for renamin our blog when the time comes. We haf to discuss this between ourselfs first and make sure the majority rules.

That is about all for now. I haf been short on chewin time lately due to the uproar caused by the movin information so I only managed to chew the new light cord and several book covers. Even a BMD has his down time.

Rabbie Burns aka Mr Gravey

Friday, April 20, 2007

Moving Conversations.....

The Moving Conversation:

Ford: Mom, what is this we hear about moving?
Mom: Well, it's that time.
Ford: What do you mean, Mom?
Mom: Everything changes little one and the
time has come for a change.
Ford: Why?
Mom: Because that's how things are.
Ford: Oh. What does this moving entail?
Mom: It entails Daddy waiting to hear back
from the headhunters for a job, then we
will know where we are going.
Ford: Then what?
Mom: Then we pack everything up and move
to our new place to live and look for a home.
Ford: Where?
Mom: I don't know yet, but it will be across an ocean.
Ford: *gasp* What? We have to swim?
Mom: No, no, we have to fly.
Ford: But I don't have wings.
Mom: Don't worry Ford, Mom will get you wings
and take care of you.
Ford: Okay Mom
Mom: Okay Ford.
Ford: Uh, Mom?
Mom: Yes Ford?
Ford: I luv you Mom
Mom: I love you to Ford.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Things overheard

We haf overheard the mom and dad
talkin' when they thoughts noone was
listenin' about something called "moving".
Now we aren't sure what this is, but
whe would really like to know. Merlin
and Shadow say it means leafen the home
we haf and going somewheres else.
Now this doesn't sound to good.
Haf any of you moved asides Max.
We read his story and it made us shutter.
Maybe we should discuss this wif mom
~Poiland Rodentia, Rabbie and Poodies

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Day in the Life of......

Rabbie Burns....

Well first of all I attacked and beat
up my ring. It was the cat's ring
but now it's mine.

Stupid ring!!! "bang, bam, scuff,
scuff, knock"

Then I got bored wif that and went
and helped Kinsey wif her skullwork.
It was a test with number and signs.

Then Kinsey got tired of her skullwork
and so while Mom wasn't lookin,
I ate the rest.

Then i explored the drawer some more
and tried a pair of swimshorts. Not as
tasty as I thought they would be.

After that I was pretty exhasted from being
told "NO", so I fell asleep with my
blankie and dreamed
about my girl Bonita Chinchilla. *sigh*

I luv being a bad bunny. My life is full.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Beautiful Quilt

We got our beautiful quilt from Millie's Mom.
It is so pretty. We all luv it. I got to try it
out first and I used it all afternoon. ~Ko Ko

I tried the quit out all day yesterday and today
and I haf to say that it is comfortable no matter
what way you lay on it. I luv it too. ~Shadow

Thank you so much Mrs. Milliesmom.
Our thoughts are wif Gizzy as he prepares
for his trip to the Bridge and becoming a
Gizzy angel. He is luved so much.
We are thinkings of you all in yer time
of sorrows ~Poiland Tribe

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Merlin & Shadow, loving sibs........

PMJ: Ahem, Merlin! What are you doing?
Merlin: Just looking, Mom, just looking.
Okay now I'm touching, heehee.

Merlin: Oh no, it's the attack of the octopus
ahhhhhhhhh, help, ohohohohoh......

Shadow: While he's in trouble
may I point out to you the
recent couchwork.

Shadow: Stupid brudders.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Poodie Recipes

Aloha, after jumping on Moms desk and sliding
across it on my butt and knocking effurything off
that got in the way.............Mom said I could blog.
I wanted to share wif all my bloggin buddies some
cookbooks that Mom has wif kitty recipes. One
has treats
in it. Yum,yum.
But the ofer has vet approved receipes for effurything
from treats to meals and kitty pizza. Mom gots these
on Amazon. I put links in the postin.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

TT about Jorje el Hombre better known as Georgie Sr.

1. Georgie Sr is a dumbo eared rat. That means his
ears are large and set on the side of his head instead
of the top.
2. Georgie has 9 children.
3. Georgie rooms with his three boys.

4. Georgie is an old rat, over 2.4 years old.
5. Georgie talks the whole time Mom holds him.
He has a lot to say and likes to share it.
6. Georgie's sister was Josephine Bonarate,
Little Empress-she waits for him at the Bridge.

7. Georgie's BFF was Fig.
8. When Fig died, Georgie stood by his
friend and pushed our hands away
when we tried to lift Fig out of the cage.
9. Georgie always drinks his 8 glasses of water a day.
10. Georgie has a cute big nose.
11. Georgie is very patient with 'beans and ratlets.
12. Georgie will nip if he is saying no, but never bites
hard or breaks the skin, just grazes his teeth across
skin as if to say a gentl "No, no."
13. Georgie always sits on his butt to clean, like in the picture
above. Georgie and his sister, Josie are the only rats
I have had that do this. It is endearingly cute.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Why we blog.....

We haf been tagged by One-Eyed Jack with a meme.

5 Reasons we blog:

1. We luv to meet and read about fluffies all ofer the world.

2. Fluffies should stand together and wif bloggin we can.

3. We luv to help fluffies in need in our community. That is what makes the world go 'round.

4. We learn a lot by readin' other's blogs.

5. "Infinite diversity in infinite combinations." to quote Mr Spock. Who could represent this concept better than us bloggers? We set the bar.

My girl Bonita Chinchilla, you divine fluffy, I thought you would like to know that Mom tried to trance me yesterday and after I snuck up and peed on her jeans and hopped off. It was quite funny.

We tag any fluffy or 'bean who would like to participate.

~Very Bad Rabbie Burns