Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Trouble Wif Tribbles* by Wolfie

There once was a Wolfie Amadeus Mozartrat.....
.....and a tribble (we don't know its name).

Wolfie began to play and investigate, but the
tribble began to stalk the rat. Hmmmm......

We all thought tribbles ate wheat. However
very hungry tribbles will eat rats.
Oh no Wolfie, watch out, ah, oh. *gasp*

Oh it is to horrible to watch. The poor boy.
Who would have guessed that tribbles....

.....eat rats.

Then to the surprise of all, we guess, Wolfie
finds his feet as if to say "Wait a minute."

Look it's Wolfie emerging from the jaws of death.

Hooray, Wolfie, go boy, fight, claw, kick. You
can do it.

And Wolfie stands victorious having beaten
the tribble at its own game. He finds the
tribble fur very soft.

"Hmmmm" says Wolfie. "Maybe I will make
a bed of this tribble as a furry trophy to my
bravery and a keepsake to my love of napping.

Mom share a sweet kiss with the hero Wolfie
before fixing dinner for all.

* title borrowed from Star Trek

Monday, May 21, 2007

Another One??????

The three amigos getting ready for their car ride and sit
for the Sunday Openhouse 2.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

BBBReport 19 May 2007

HiddyHo Neighbors,

Well the talk of moving is still going on here. Mom says it isn't going to go away whether I approve or not. So far, the places being considered with job offers are New Mexico (Mom and Dads first choice), upstate New York, and New Hampshire (very cold).

So far there have been so showing of wings but Mom said not to worry we will have them when it is important to have them.

There are so many people coming in and out of our house that we don't know it is weird. These people don't live here and they certainly don't smell familiar at all. But again, Mom says that is a good thing because one of them sooner or later will want the condo. Two people already wanted to put bids in, but their dogs where to big and over the weight limit of 15 pounds. Mom also said not to tell anyone that Merlin is over the weight limit at over 21 pounds (last time he was weighed).

I pooped all over for Dad to clean up and have a new hiding place between Mom and Dads pillows. Mom says I need to work on keeping the ears in line, what ever that means.

Tonight I had free range time with the rats. Wolfie got scared so bad for some reason he shot himself into the air, over the fence which is 42 inches tall and landed on the couch. Even I was impressed. I can't make it over the fence.

Wolfie, Monty and Georgie miss their Dad Georgie Sr.

I ate chewed another cord and part of the couch. Oh and trashed my tunnel from the Busy Bunny.

The girl rats made swiss cheese of the sheet Mom is using to cover them and now Mom has to get a new one. It has cat size holes in it. They deserve the Mass Destruction title this week believe me.

Cheers to all and nose kisses to my girl Bonita Chichilla who is lovin her new condo from what her brofer says.

More news when there is some.

~Rabbie Burns, aka Mr Gravey

Thursday, May 17, 2007

One-Eyed Jack tagged Shadow.....

7 Radom Factoids about Shadow:

1. I am perfect Princess
2. I luv Temptations, yummmmm
3. I constantly clean my white feetsies and chest
so they sparkle
4. I wear sparklys when Mom lets me.
5. I luv Kinsey Kitten the best, furrever.
6. Kinsey Kitten's bed is my bed.
7. I beat up Ko Ko whenefur I get the chance.

I tag Riff, the NC Bunnies, Capt. Rupert, Sebastian and Yaffa

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Goodbye Little Georgie Sr.....

Today Georgie's legs were paralyzed and he could not eat.
I managed to give him some water, but I didn't want him
to suffer. I know he was in pain because of the constant
prophyrin in his eyes. It had caked all around the eyes and
matted up his fur. The vet didn't know the cause of his problem
either and said she had never seen that before.
I held little Georgie and petted him while he went to sleep. He
passed peacefully on to the bridge this evening.
I love you little Georgie and your
boys and I miss you so much already.
Go swiftly to the bridge little one and meet your buddy Fig,
whom I'm sure is waiting for you.
~Mom Jane

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Georgie Sr

Georgie Sr is not doing to well. He has had
some kind of problem that has left his front
hands paralyzed. He is unable to feed himself
becuase rats eat holding their food, so I hold his
food for him. Georgie has drastically lost weight
and his right eye is all clouded with what looks
like cataracts. I gave him a bath and really good
grooming two nights ago and he loved it, trying his
best to boggle and chitter his teeth afterwards.
Georgie Sr is 2 1/2 years old now and his boys
keep nudging him and wanting him to get up and
groom and play with them, but he is getting tired.
He is the sweetest rat still though, only nipping when
I move him and he hurts to let me know. Then
he right away licks me say he didn't mean it.

~Mom Jane

Monday, May 14, 2007

How big is Merlin??????

Someone asked just how big Merlin really was in the

Well, the ofer day Mom was carryin Merlin out to the car
in his harness and a neighbor looks at Dad and goes
"Boy that's pretty dog you have there."
When Daddy told him it was a cat, the guy didn't
believe it and his eyes got all big and he goes,
"That's a cat? He's huge."
But Mom wouldn't haf her Merlin any ofer way.

~Ko Ko

Saturday, May 12, 2007

7 Meme

Rabbie has been tagged by Ms Karen Jo for a meme 7 where I haf to mention 7 random facts about me and then tag 7 ofers to participate if they want.

So here are Rabbie's 7 Factoids:

1. I gets matted knots under my chin.
2. I like to pee on Momma as a sign of my devotion.
3. Dad is the only one who can trance me.
4. I luv Kinsey Kitten's attentions and spending time wif her.
5. I luv to listen to mom read stories.
7. My badness levels equal my cuteness levels.

I tag Russel and his broffers, Hops the Bunny, Chat Cat Chatham, Salem-Bothersome Bro. I think that is more that 7.

Friday, May 11, 2007

We's been tagged.....

"Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven bloggin buddies to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!"

Jake tagged Merlin so here is
Merlin's 7 Random Factoids:
1. I am so friendly it scares people becuase of my size.
2. I luv to snuggles in mine Momma's hair cause it is curyly and messy.
3. I luv stinky goodness so much I would eat only that if Mom would lets me.
4. I am a lover and not a fighter.
5. I like the idea of going outside, but get freaked out quite easily when I do venture out on my harness.
6. I think efurryone in the universe luvs Merlin.
7. I was found by the Humane Society wandering around the Army barracks at Schofield Base here in Hawaii before mine Momma adopted me.

Seven bloggin buddies I tag:
Fiona Bun, Rascal,
Jupiter of the Famous Five, Orb of the Famous Five, Mitten of the Famous Five, Poppy Girl of the Famous Five, and Teeny Tiny Tottie of the Famous Five.

Pumkin Tagged Ko Ko so here is
7 Random Factoids about Ko Ko:
1. Ko Ko luvs to comment on efurrything. He is a talker.
2. When Ko Ko is investigatin hidden spots and reachin in fer treasure, he mutters to himself.
3. Ko Ko gets jealous of Kinsey Kitten's roboreptile she plays wif.
4. Quite often when Shadow goes after Ko Ko to beat him up, he ends up with her toenails in his head.
5. Ko Ko steals Kinsey Kitten's pillows and carts them off.
6. Ko Ko luvs to climb all ofer, all the time.
7. When Ko Ko is given attention he constantly purrs -- unless he is mad at you and then he won't purr at all.

Seven bloggin buddies I tag:
Edsel, Scooby, Shaggy, Scout, Fred the Rat, Mrs. Sniffles, Caroline

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Openhouse.....

Merlin all decked out in his harness ready for
a ride in the car with Mom and Dad and Kinsey kitten
and Ko Ko and Shadow.

There is still rampant specism out there
and the ratties have to be covered.

Morgan LeRat does not approve of being covered.

Princess Sophia considers the best way to destroy
the cover sheet. Hmmmmm, let's see where to
nibble and gnaw....

Ko Ko decided to help with the last minute laundry
Mom was behind in putting up.....

and finds the whole situation quite funny.

Pee Ess: we are sorry we didn't continue the
Thinking Blogger that we gots. MOM forgot
to let us post our favs thinking blogs. Moms,

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Who wants our condo???????

"What is an openhouse and why can't we be here?" questions Merlin who greets EVERYONE at the door and talks to them.

"It is where people come to look at our condo to see if they want to buy it, and you scare people because you are so big and friendly. Plus wouldn't you rather be with Mom?" responds PMJane.

"Okay, but I want to go somewhere special." states Merlin. "Check out Historical Cats. Mom laughed hard when she read it."

(There's always time for a quick read even if you are furry busy getting the condo ready.)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mom's Reply


My Furry Little Ones (the Poiland Tribe)


RE: Request List

Good morning my little furry catsies, ratsies, and bun. I have read your request list and consider some of the items on it acceptable. However, we already have 2 computers and that is enough for all to share.

I certainly agree to the vegetable garden for all; the place to put all clothes, jewelry, and costumes for the Tribe; a cat tree for each poodie; an enclosed area for outside exercise; maybe one indoor fountain (not pond); large windows if possible for all with viewing items included; and your own email address (not snail mail address, we all have to share that and you already get your packages).

I'm afraid we will be unable to provide an individual room for each furry species. Your Dad and I are not made of money. However, the ratsies can share my hobbie room with me so they can continue to "help" with projects and have the run of the floor when I am there. The cats have the run of any house we have. And Rabbie gets to choose his room with the help of his buddy Daddy. Dad has already offered the run of the master bedroom. *sigh* along with a hutch and enclosed area outside and one more room this should be plenty.

I love you littles ones and will be making sure you all have wings and a new comfortable home ASAP; as soon as we know where we will be going this will be easier. Mom is nervous and excited also.