Thursday, July 26, 2007


we want to update all our fluffy friends on just where in the 'mericas is the fluffy tribe. And Mom said she didn't lose the house, we sold it and are getting anofer one. So where is it we asked? We got wings, for 12 hours. Then we stayed in a small room with all of us including 'beans for about 4 days. Then we stayed in a smaller room for about a week. We asked Mom what these rooms were and she said they weres hootells. Now we are in a place that is like our condo, but Mom says not to get to comfy 'cause we haven't gotten to our final destination yet, our new house.

We are in Hobbs, Mewmewxico though and we like it from what we haf seen. We 'sperienced our first boomybrightwaterstorm the ofer day. The streets ran wif water and we watched out of the window. Wow it was a thrilling 'sperience. Mewmewico has loud wefer.

Mom has ordered us new stuffs for our new house, which she says is not closed yet and this is why we can't go into it. We say if it is not closed then it must be open and what is the problem?

So until we can figure out just what ofer hell Mom is going to put us through, we thoughts we would share our last pictures from Hawaii.

Gerogie Jr and Wolfie.

Shadow enjoying the sun.

Someone will die a painful death for this ~Rabbie


Merlin in his favorite spot.

Ko Ko and his Boo.

Kinsey kitten reading in the car.

Kinsey kitten swimming at night.

Chunky Quark Ferengirat.

Talk to you later.

~The Fluffy Tribe

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


1. Mom THREW away our climbing tree.

2. Mom LOST our home.

3. Rabbie has succumbed to megolomania and is making us pay tribute.



Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rabbie here, and I'm taking over...

OK...this moving thing has taken a bad turn. See, while the movers were here the humans put us all in the VERY SMALL half bafroom (aka "human potty box"). That wasn't so bad, 'cause I have a neat new hutch (it's called a "travel cage", but it's small, dark, and bun-like).

What was bad was the whining, hissing, growling, and fighting the felines did. Shadow (who previously was the head cat and overall queen of the tribe) not only failed miserably at controlling the other cats, she started the fights. They also trashed the human potty box...it stank. The ratties (much more well behaved, I might add) and I were mightily offended.

So, it is my decision that I am deposing her as tribal ruler-in-chief and head fluffy.

("All Hail Ran Bun I, Emperor of Fluffy Tribe!")

And it is my imperial decree that the Fluffy Tribe will:

1. Not whine, hiss, growl, or fight when in close quarters, lest they offend His Imperial Majesty.
2. Do whatever His Imperial Majesty demands.
3. Cats will now pay tribute equal to 1/4 of their food per day.
4. I am to be henceforth referred to as "Your Imperial Majesty".

Do not annoy His Imperial Majesty with annoying immature cat behavior again, not if thou has further use of thine head! My loyal vassals (the ratties) will raise an army and lay waste to those who disobey me.


His Imperial Majesty
Ran Bun I

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Countdown......to moving......

We are in the countdown effuryone. We are MOVING.
Having just come from the VET to get our exams for wings,
we are too sure about all this. I behaved and so did all the
ratties, but the cats were all stinky and Merlin had to be
muzzled, like always. He is rather large and the VET had
to put a towel over him and her helper had to lay across him
to get him to be still for the blood test. Then back in his kennel
he continued muttering to himself and hissing occasionally
for the next 15 minutes.
Izzie had to stay with the VET
'cause of a respiratory infection. But she is going to go home with
the VET lady and meet her nakey rats so she won't miss her
sisters to terribly. She will have a new special fambily.
The VET lady also took Pumkin. He couldn't
fly. All of the rest of us got the thumbs up for wings.
I am molting and have huge naked patches all over,
plus I'm very irritable and bitey so I have been
spending a large amount of time in my hutch
unless Mom is combing me. She bought a new brush
that takes off the undercoat and it really helps me with
loose hair. She hads a huge pile after every grooming
session. The scratchy teeth feel good on my itchy skin.
So the picture is from BEFORE my molting.
We will post as we can.
My minion leader Riff has passed away and will be
missed sorely by all his minions.
My luvs to my girl BONITA CHINCHILLA!!
~Rabbie Burns~

Monday, July 02, 2007

Mancat Monday