Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stupid FOX TV advertising.....

Still checking in to see what is really up with this. So far haven't been able to verify or not with anyone. No one seems to know for sure including FOX. *sigh*
Updated Monday 4 Feb.

Mom is checking out to see if this is just an internet myth, which she is hoping it is or if it is real. We will get back to you on it and let efurryone know. We hope it is not true. There are several versions on the web right now. One with children putting a rat in the microwave and watching it die, one with a rat crawling in the microwave and a group of men at work watching it die after turning it on. So Mom is checking to see.
Undated Monday 28 Jan

We just read this on the all things critters blog.
For anyone who thinks this is wrong and encouraging stupid cruelty let your voices be heard. The Fluffy Tribe Mom Jane has already emailed and is calling Monday.

There is a promo for a new TV show on the Fox Channel called "Unhitched." They showed a scene where 2 boys put a rat into a microwave oven and turn it on. Then it shows their faces as they supposedly watch the rat being cooked. At they end, one of them says, "That was the longest 9 minutes of my life," and the other one says something like, "It looked like he was enjoying it for the first few minutes."

Obviously we want to prevent this show from airing. We're afraid this will encourage children to put small pets in the microwave and we are not going to sit by and let this air and a scene like this is totally unacceptable.

I need your help. First, log on to http://www.fox.com/links/ and click to find your local Fox station, then call them on the phone and complain about this promo. You can also email Fox at askfox@fox.com. Fox also has a Viewer Comment line
which connects with an answering machine at: 310-369-3066.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ms. Morgan LeRat.....

You would not believe what happened to me. I had this HUGE
lump I was lugging around. So Mom took me to the VET and they kept it.
Now I have sewing stiches from my back left leg to my upper chest, and
Mom won't let me chew the thread. But I feel better and I can
run around again without being slowed down.
~Morgan LeRat~

Mom Jane here: Ms Morgan had to go in for a removal
of a lump on Friday the 18th. She did great and came home
the next day. She has huge stiches from top to bottom, but
in true Morgan-fashion is bouncing around playing.
Morgan is 1 year and 8 months old and the mother of 9.
However, she has always been an adventurer. When
she was young, she would escape out of her cage and travel
the condo in Hawaii after visiting with Rabbie. Once she came
home from her travels pregnant from visiting the boyrats.
Since her surgery, Ms Morgan is truely back into her travels.
She has already snuck out of her recovery cage and explored under
the couch, all over the couch, all over my bed and anywhere else
she can sneak too. She cannot return to her home with her
daughters until the stiches have been removed because
her girls would speedily remove the stiches themselves.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008


"Mom can we share," Merlin?
"Okay, one bloom is yours and one is mine." Mom

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, January 14, 2008

ManCats Monday.....

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Saturday, January 12, 2008


We have learned that Sir Percival Sniffsalot aka Percy is
a thief. If it is shiny and small enough for him to carry off and
stash, then he will take it and hide it. When you find his
treasures, he acts like he isn't interested in them anymore
and gladly gives them back, like he was just watching the
item for you.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Rabbie has a Secret Paw.......Samantha and Tigger

Well let me tell you that Samatha and Tigger are sooper Secret
Paws. They know what a bunny likes and they sent me
picatures too. Here I am reading my card wif their picature
on the front. They are in hollydayz costoome.

After I pulled effurything out of the box, I hopped ofer my
pressies to get a better vantage point to choose the first one
to play wif. As you can see there are toys, chew goodies, hay,
postcards to chew, etc.

I tried out the jingle carrot and played toss wif Kinsey kitten.
It made a nice noise when I tossed it.

Then I had to nibble my timothy hay, MY FAVORITE
except for carrots nothing beats timmy hay.

Here are some chew toys. I know they look like unhealthy
fast food, but they aren't they are chew stuff for bunny teeths,
and they are tasty too.

Samantha and Tigger I wants to thank you for
a wonderful secret paws. I luv my pressies and
now haf more chew toys to toss around the den.
I will think of you twos when I am snuggling and
munching my timothy hay. I haf eaten my goodie
stick already.

Thank you Samantha and Tigger
~Rabbie Burns

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Friday, January 04, 2008

Ko Ko SP is from......Lizzie

Oh boy, oh boy, look I gots my Secret Paws box and
it came from Lizzie. Oh Lizzie these smell like great
pressies, let's see what is inside.

Oh look at these, FEFFERS. I LUV FEFFERS, YES,
and stinky goodness too!

This is the best ball it is green, my favorite colour, and
it has feffers on the end that I can snuffle and that will
tickle my nose.

And look at this one. It has feffers on it too and
it is in my favorite shape-MOUSE. I can chase
this one all over and pick it up.

Thank you so much Lizzie for my feffers and
my stinky goodness. Mom says I can haf the
stinky goodness whenefer I want my own can.
There is a green mousie wif feffers too. You
can see it in the picature below.

Thank you, thank you Lizzie
~Ko Ko

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Secret Paws for Nymphadora.......from Riley

I wants to thank my SSSSSSecret Pawssssss little Riley
for the wonderful log and crickets and sssssilky plant
for my home. Kinsssssey hung the plant up right away for me...

Thisssss is the nice card Riley made for me. It has a picture
of me on the front and Kinsssssey put it up on my tank.

The inssside of the card had little Riley on it all ssssssmiley
and cuddly looking.

I got a can 'o cricketssssss.............

And here I amm checking out the beautiful log from Riley.....

Here is a bettter picture of me and my new log....

Here I had Mom take a pictue of my log with my plant hanging
in the background with my water dish..... I love the new greenery
it makessss it ssssso much more ssssecret in my tank now for me to
hide behind.

Thank you again Riley for the wonderful Sssssecret Pawsssss
~Nymphadora Tonkssssss~

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