Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm not feeling very well. Mom took me to the
VET because she noticed I had lost weight and
I was coughing occasionally. Well, it was horrible,
but I behaved myself. The VET took pictures and
poked me with a needle and listed to me breath.
Then she told Mom that I have a slightly enlarged
heart. She is not sure why yet, since the blood
they stole from me has to be sent to the
mainland to be tested. I'm not sure where that
is, but Kinsey said it was far away. Mom said my
pictures were very nice looking and that I look good
inside as well as outside. I now haf to take this
horrible tasting stuff. Mom is waiting for the
VET to call. I really don't want her too so maybe I
can hide the talky thing that rings for calls.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Midnight Monday and Tonkie Tuesday

The brudders two-Merlin and Ko Ko restin' in the window

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hey Dad......

Georgie Sr, Georgie Jr, & Wolfie

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Fangsgiving To Effuryone

Some things we is Fangsful for......

Bein' able to sit by Mom's feet

Havin' Josie home some more

Boxes to play wif

Green pillows

Laughing wif friends

Attacking the HAND monster

Comfy hammocks to sleep on


Askin' questions


Snugglin' wif Daddy

Good sleeps

Silly faces

Treats from Mom

AND all of our bloggin' community of friends


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Josie's Update

I has great news. I's still here. Mom took me to the VETS thinking
my cancer had spread all over even to my face 'cause there was
a big black tumor looking thing that showed up last week and
I's was sleeping a lot. But the vet cut it open and took a look
and said it wasn't cancer and checked my tumors
and I's fine to come home. Now Mom has to put Aunti Biotics on my
face and give me special yoguts, but the VET said I still has more
time and Mom said "That is so good." and scooped me ups and took
me home and nows I sleeping with the little girls again in the condo.
Isn't that the bestest news ever? I think so. Ford had a cold though
and also has to take Aunti Biotics special yogurts.
~Josephine Bonarate little Empress

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bad Bunny Burns Report - 18 Nov '06 & Almost Weekly Book Review

Hiddey Ho Fellow Fluffies, 'Beans, and My Girl Bonita,

Well here I am with the BBBR, lettin' you know what is up and what's goin' on.

The ratlets are growing and probably cannot be called ratlets any more. They are 2 months old now and busy, busy, busy.

Josephine Bonarate little Empress has sever cancer and Mom and the vet will be helping her to the Rainbow Bridge this next week. Josie has had a wonderful last month enjoying the little girl ratlets. She loves them all and grooms them and they groom her and clean her eyes. Mom is very sad about Josie, but is so happy that Josie got the chance to enjoy the little ones. She didn't know if putting Josie in with the little girls would work, but all of the girl ratties were so happy with each other and Mom has been happy to see them interact with Grammie Josie. Rats are amazing in their social interactions. Mom says so. She watches them as often as she can because they are often very loving with each other, competing bucks not included.

I'm introducing the book this week too. It is Rambles of a Rat by ALOE. Mom has been looking for it because it is an old book and been out of print forever. She finally found one and we are all going to read it together. There is no publishing date in it and Mom isn't sure who ALOE is, but she loves the book, brown pages and all. I think it smells.

We will let efurryone know how the story goes. Here is an excerpt from the first page:

The Family of Rats
My very earliest recollection is of running about in a shed adjoining a large warehouse, somewhere in the neighborhood of Poplar, and close to the River Thames, which thereabouts is certainly no silver stream.

A merry life we led of it in the shed, my seven brothers and I! It was a sort of palace of rubbish, a monsion of odds and end, where rats might frolic and gambol, and play at hide-and-seek....

It does sound good, even I have to admit. It is a long book though like 200 pages. I think that is long.

I picked out the best Yule present for Mom and it arrived in the mail yesterday. Mom wanted to know what I got in the envelope with my name on it that arrived in the post and so I had to show her. To see it go to this link for Captain Rupert. His Mom is an artist and boy are her paintings wonderful. I knew my Mom would love the mice picture so I ordered one with her paypal account. Captain Rupert sent Mom and I our own cards in the envelope too. They are all so pretty. Dad admired them too and said he likes that style of art work a lot. So thank you so much Ms Lorna. You do beautiful work. My Mom LOVED the art print.

I chewed up two of Dad's extension cords so he had to replace them, and he seems to be getting better at putting them up. So as I was out the other day I found this think juicy cord. Okay it was tucked behind a bookcase, but I nicely dug it out and chewed and chewed and chewed and didn't even get down to the wires it was so think. Anyhoo, Mom found it later and boy did I get chewed out for eating her electric piano cord. I was in deep trouble. I have recovered though, so don't worry.

~Rabbie Burns aka Mr Gravey

PS Bonita I sent you a Halloween card, but it came back. Mom has your address written down wrong. Could you please email it to me so I can send you another card? *nose sniffs to you my sweet*

Friday, November 17, 2006

No Rom isn't dead. He sleeps this way and I can't get
him to understand why I rush in and poke him to
make sure he is okay. He just looks at me like I'm
crazy. ~Poi Mom Jane

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wide Wednesday

"Not funny, Mom." says Merlin.
"Should we tell them how big you really are?" asks Mom.
"Merlin is bigger than he looks in this
picture. He weighs approx 21 pounds,
but he is well over 3 feet long from nose to tail."
"So I'm a big boy and proud of it." says Merlin.

I was walking into my favorite place to shop today
only for computer ink, but then I saw. A display lit
up and glowing with inner light. There were several
dishes with.......
....3 dimensional mice on them. I couldn't resist
getting 4 of the salad size plates. I just couldn't.
I mean how often do you find plates with
rodents on them? Could you resist this?
~ Poi Mom Jane

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Morgan & Georgie's Boys

The boys have a story already. They are the little ratlet offspring of
Morgan Le Rat and Georgie Sr.rat. Both parents figure they are now old
enough to be introduced on the blog.
The boys were moved into their own condo at 5 weeks, the suggested
time to move them from the litter so there are no mistake mateings
because at that age, they are old enough to take an interest.

Well, Georgie Jr, Monty, and Mozart were given their own condo,
decked out with all they may want or need to set up a bachelor pad.
However, two of the cages Poi Mom Jane has, have bars wide enough
for little ratlets to squeeze through. Georgie Sr. had one and the
little ratlets were given the other. The little boys could not get
into the girls condo and that was what was important.

So after some serious exploring and checking things out and shuffling
behind the couch and all around, the boys decided they didn't want their
new condo. They first tried moving into the silk plant on top of the cages,
but that did not prove to have enough room and PMJane kept slipping
them back into their own condo. No that would not work. Plus
they had all discovered their Dad, Georgie Sr., a grumpy lone
rat who liked living alone thank you and didn't want room mates of
any kind in his condo grumpy old man pad.

This did not detere the ratlets though. They loved their Dad and
after some nagging and snuggling and harrassing, they picked
up, lock, stock and chicken bones and moved in with him.
They refused to move. Even when PMJand moved Georgie into the
bachelor condo and left the ratlet boys in his old pad, they moved
over to be with Georgie Sr, Dad. Georgie Sr gave many long suffering
looks, and did some grumbling, and some huffing, but the boys wouldn't
leave. So they are all there, in the same conco still. PMJane even
caught Georgie playing with the boy ratlets in the silk plant during
cleaning day. He really seems to not mind his little boys and they are
not leaving. The moving of their chicken bones in to Dad's cage
proves it.

So here are their first public pictures,
a bit blurry because they don't like to sit still:

Georgie Jr.rat. If you look closely, you will
see Mozart peeking in the background in the cube.

Montague "Monty" Madrat, explorer extroidinarre
and not an albino. He has a light beige hood and dark

Mozart Amadeusrat, shy albino dude with
beautiful red eyes.

The End (for now)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

MOM took our toys...

We are a furry sad. Awhile back, Mom brought home some real live mice and then those mice had babies and we had lots of real live mice. There were TWO full houses of real live mice, just for us. Yeah, Mom would squirt us and say NO, NO but that was part of the game. Those mice loved us. They would hang their tails out of the houses and wait for us to grab them. They would stay by the side of the houses and tease us and they would run around for us to play tag. We were buddies. Those mice were our pets. We took good care of them. We always let them take turns and we set them free.
Then Mom took the mice away and now we have no REAL LIVE TOYS ANYMORE. Mom gives things and then takes them back. She didn't even let us know she was taking our pets away. We bet she didn't even ask our pets if they wanted to go. No she just took them away and now I have no toys to run and play with. I am furry sad. Okay, Merlin and Shadow don't seem so upset.
~Ko Ko

Mom: Ko Ko perhaps you have forgotten......

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Meece....

Well, we don't have the mice anymore. Except for two, who were out when the others got taken for adoption. I didn't want to give the mice up, but there wasn't a whole lot of choice after a look at the score board:

to start-21

to start-0

at the end-15

at the end-6

The mice kept mysteriously disappearing. I was a bit perplexed until the other night when I heard a mouse screaming. I looked over and Ko Ko had one by the tail pulling and *Squish* he pulled it right through the mouse house bars and then let him go so he could chase him.

I can't handle picking up any more dead mice. They don't eat them. They don't even leave any sores on them. They just play with them like they are toys and don't understand when their toys won't move anymore. It's what cats do, but it wasn't fair for the mice.

The cats are very disappointed. All of their mobile toys are gone, except for two. One we caught mid jump as Ko Ko was chasing him after the others had been dropped off and the other is still loose in the house. He was eating out of the garbage can today. They have a safer cage the last little two. I hope we can catch the other one.

~Poi Mom Jane

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Friday Book #5....

Today's book is reviewed by Shadow Schumacher.
It is a wonderful graveyard gothic called
Waiting for Gertrude by Bill Richardson

Anyone who loves cat will LOVE this book. The cat on
the front looks a teeny bit like me, which enhances
the allure; however the story is so much fun.

The place: Le Cimetere Du Pere-Lachaise in Paris
The Cast: Reincarnated famous such as Chopin,
Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Sarah Bernhardt
The plot: well, you will have to see

The reincarnates are the cats who roam the cemetary
and carry on their lives in a new community. The
story is told from the point of view of Alice B Toklas,
the lover of Gertrude Stein in one life and eagerly
awaiting her return in the next life - for Gertrude
is a bit late.

However, the antics of the whole community come
in to play throughout as you will see in Alice's letters.
For those of your interested in cooking (which I am
if Mom every lets me use the kitchen and loans me
a rat) there are several delicious recipes from Alice
such as Ratrat Tartar.

A wonderful story, a delicious cast, a fantastic
plotline, yes you will enjoy the happenings in
Paris' grand graveyard where the famous
meet and mingle after death in several ways.

~Shadow Schumacher

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Shadow's Disgust

I really don't see how efurryone is
getting equal time on this blog. ~Shadow

Okay, okay, I'm working on it ~Poi Mom Jane