Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bad Bunny Burns report

Ok, folks, this is Rabbie and we have some problems. First, no pitchur (Mom took the camera).
Second, Mom is in big trouble...she and Kinsey went somewhere called Noo Yawk for a MONTH
and left us here with Dad.
Next, Dad decided to go off for a few days to the Big Eye Land, wherever that is.
I'm very mad.
He tried leaving Merlin in charge. HA! Please...Merlin can't even take care of himself.
So I let Merlin think he was in charge (just because he's bigger and OLDER than everyone else),
then picked the lock on the cage and got out to blog.
Now the compooper isn't that hard to use (Dad is going to be surprised,
I not only got in but used his Administrator account...lucky he took the funny little white
compooper with the bitten apple with him).
So here I am. Expressing my dismay with the 'beans.
Believe me, everyone here is mad, but the rest are to emotionally distraught to function.
Me, I'm a bun...like a Vulcan and a Klingon but tougher.
I'm organizing a protest. When Dad gets home, he's going to find a mess
like you wouldn't believe.
And everyting that is fluffy is going to either ignore or bite him (or both).
If I can get those whiny cats Merlin and KoKo to listen...grrrr.
So by for now, I've got work to do and poo to fling.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Hollydays to All Our Bloggin Furriends & Their Families.....

Happy Hollydays from the Poiland Tribe Fluffies & 'Beans
We are wishing you wonderful memories & new beginnings...

HOHOHO Merry Christmas from Santa Shadow HOHOHO

Post Script:
Mom just informed us she is leaving for a month with Kinsey to
visit our Auntie and Uncle in Mew York. WE ARE LEFT WITH

Big Ratties get their Secret Paws...

Well we got our Secret Paws and it was from
Quincy, who knew just what to get 'cause
his Mom had ratties once. We also want to
'pologize for there not being more pictures, but
Mom's flashy box went tu. We aren't sure
what tu is, but it must be bad 'cause Mom
said some words that were not for our tender
ratty ears.
BUT we want to thank Quincy for the wonderful

Ratty Boys: Oh look. Here it is. Our box of Secret Paws
goodies. Look, look. I know just what to do.
Mom: Wait a minute boys, you need to read the card
and see who you can thank for your goodies.

Okay, oh, it is from Quincy, a poodie. Wow,
our poodies would never give us goodies.
They always threaten to eat us. This must
be a nice poodie. Thank you Quincy *sweet look
and innocent blink*

Okay hmmmm, how to get the boxes of goodies out......

Oh yay....*grab and run and stash*
then again....

A beautiful pile of yoggies... and look at the feffers
for the poodies. Heehee we haf bribing materials
now. Heehee

We want to thank you again Quincy. We loved
the cheese bites yummmm, and the yoggies,
every upstanding rats favorite treat. And
we promise to share the feffers with the poodies.
We loved our goodies, nothing beats treats,
~Loves, Georgie Sr, Ford Prefectrat, Rom Ferengirat,
Quard Ferengirat, Morgan Le Rat, and Phippa Shakespearerat,
and Josie was here in her angel wings overseeing
our sharing =*..*=
PS: We said Quincy was a poodie, but he's a BIRDIE
not a poodie. We haf never had a BIRDIE furriend before,
We is sorry we thoughts you was a poodie Quincy. :)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Shadow gets her Christmas Secret Paws...

Shadow: Kinsey has my Secret Paws come yet?
Kinsey Kitten: Yes Shadow, look at what you got
in the mail.
Shadow: Who's it from?
KK: It's from Abby, Boo, Jinx, Ping, & Gracie.

Shadow getting her pressies

Wow there are mice, and a striped fluffy kitty toy, and a
HUGE bag of Temtayshions, and magnets for Kinsey too.
This is so cool.

I can't believe I got all these nice pressies
from my Secret Paws. I love pressies...

Shadow: Look at those mice

And look at this fluffy poodie. I love anything
fluffy. It tickles my nose and I purr and carry
fluffies around in my mouth.

Wow, goodies. I think I will try some.

Look Kinsey Kitten, magnets you can hang your
artwork on the fridge with. They are cats too.

I want to thank Abby, Boo, Jinx, Ping, & Gracie
so much for being my Secret Paws. They are
great Secret Paws. Thank you so much.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Merlin gets his Secret Paws...

Oh ho ho, what have we here? A box...for me?
Well I guess I have to open it and see what's

Oh it is my Secret Paws and it is from a good looking
poodie girl named Lucinda. Well thank you so
much my beautiful Secret Paw. You look divine.
Mom hang this picture by my food bowl.

I got red paper. I love crinkly tissue paper. It
will keep me busy for hours. I rip it into little shreds
after laying on it and wadding it up and kicking it with
my back paws. But what else is in here? Hmmmm,
balls, balls, catnip, a COLLAR...I love COLLARS, and
some miceeees. Oh thank you Lucinda.

Get off my paper Ko Ko. This is MY Secret Paws
and therefore, my paper.

How do I look in my new collar? It glows when
light hits it. Now Mom can see me in the dark.

This is how you remove the balls from the package.
Grab with claws and lift....

I am stalking the tiger ball....shhhhhhh........

Oh this is fun. I love new toys. Get the ball......

Sneeky little brudder stealing a mouse, but not for long.

Bat, bat, bat, hold it a little higher Kinsey...

Oh I dropped my mouse in the marble bowl playin'
wif it.....darn it.......

There I got it. My claws are so handy.......

Come on Ko Ko brudder and Shadow. Nip party for
three with toys.....

Ah, I love the holidays.

Thank you so much Lucinda for my super
perfect Secret Paws pressies. I love them. I'm
going to play with them all night. I love my new
collar too. It has a green jingle bell on it.
Thank you so much Secret Paw.

Friday, December 15, 2006

We will miss you so much Josie...

Yesterday I had to take Josephine Bonarate Little Empress
to the vet to be helped to the rainbow bridge. Her cyst was so large
it has spread down her arm making her unable to eat and
sh had trouble breathing because it pushed on her lungs, and the tumor
on her back leg was hurting her. I fed her from hand on the last day
and Phippa and Morgan took turns sitting by her while she rested.
It never fails to amaze me the amount of empathy the rats have
for each other and now I have one more precious moment to
add to my memories.
Josie rode to the vet sitting on Kinsey's lap and boggling and chittering
to us. When we got there, the vet gave us a quite room to spend
some time with her. So Josie sat on my lap and licked me while I
groomed her. She boggled some more and foofed and snuggled.
Minutes before the vet came in she moved up my shirt and
looked straight into my eyes and stared as if to say " I love you
Momma, don't be sad. I enjoyed life with you." I would even swear
she teared, but that was probably just me. Then her vet came in
and asked if we were ready. She offered me to stay, but I couldn't.
I gave Josie a kiss and she kissed me and burrowed into her hammock
and we said goodbye.
We all miss the Little Empress and her dumbo ears. The ratlets
keep looking for her. They loved to groom her and snuggle
with "Grammie Josie". Phippa and Morgan seem to have
accepted her absence better. I miss seeing her lumbering around
the condo. Her gait had changed so much these last weeks. But
she had two extra months with the ratlets and she enjoyed
them so much. Her brother Georgie Sr is their Daddy.
Oh Josie I miss your sweet little face and gentle calm nature.

Josie this last July. She got rather camera shy
when her cyst and tumors got large. She was a
vain Little Empress, which was her right.

The Little Empress with her back to the
camera checking out the box, busy busy girl.

Famous for walking right off the ends of the furniture,
Little Empress had very light red eyes and could
not see much at all. But she always had such dignity.

May you be happy over the bridge my
Josephine Bonarate Little Empress.
~January 2005 to December 2006~
Keep them in line up there and wait for me.
~Poi Mom Jane

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ratlet Secret Paws.......

First of all we wants to fank the big poodies
Grrr, Midnight, and Cocoa for the great
Secrets Paws pressie...
We thoroughly enjoyed it so much:

Ratlets: Look Mom we gots a package to the us,
the ratlets...what is it?
Mom: Well, babies, open it and see

And here they come, the littlest part of the
Poiland Tribe...the ratlets. Look we gots building
blocks, banana treats, pretzels treats, and
an ornament to hang on the tree just for
us ratlets.

Mom: Well there we go.
Ratlets: ...um, Mom, that doesn't looks right really.

Let the ruckus begin...woohoo...

Kisses for Kinsey Kitten

Hey, is someone knockin' on the door?

We've been playin' hard. Now it's time for
snugglin' on Mom to rest...

Thank you so much Secret Paws.
We luved effurything even the
treatsies, which we shared wif the
big ratties too.

~Monty, Georgie Jr, Wolfie, Morgana,
Princess Sophia, Leela, Meepit,
Izzy, & Georgia

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Picture on the weekend...

Ko Ko all tucked in with his green pillow

"I am so bored this weekend," grumbles Merlin.

The desk from a rats perspective.

So much for not being a stuffed animal,
Rabbie exposed....
(Unforgivable Mom)

Shadow, Kinsey Kitten and Ford

Friday, December 08, 2006

Afternoon Snackin'

We had oatmeal for breakfast, but
nothing beats a french fry snack, yumm.
~Rom Ferengirat
PS Mom made 15 blankies for the
Hawaiian Humane Society. She
was inspired by DK's Mom.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bad Bunny Burns Report - 5 Dec 06

Dear 'beans,

FYI: I am NOT a stuffed animal.

Yes, I am cute and fluffy looking.

Yes, I am softer than cotton.

Yes, I am small and adorable....

...however, that is where the similarities end. I bite. I bite hard when I need to. I am decended from wild rabbits who had to protect themselves from cuddles, never forget this.

My fellow fluffy and 'bean bloggers, how are you all for this wonderful Holiday Season? My hopes are that you are able to enjoy the company of loved ones and maybe a treat, may you help someone in need, and enjoy the lights. This is my Holiday wish for you all.

Now for me. My Yule list:
1. Bunny tunnel
2. Bunny treats
3. Bunny bed
4. 7' bunny hutch
5. Bunny willow balls
6. Bunny chews
7. Bunny mat
8. Loads of timothy hay

And nose kisses from my girl Bonita Chinchilla. I send her Holiday cheers and nose kisses.

~Rabbie Burns aka Mr Gravey