Thursday, June 29, 2006

Really Bad Bunny Burns Report-29 June 2006

Hello Fellow Fluffy Bloggers,

I am blogging from my hutch where I am grounded...forever according to Mom.

On Monday Mom and Kinsey took me outside on the bunny torture device to enjoy the great outdoors. It was wonderful. I ran around and Kinsey ran with me to hold on so I wouldn't escape. Mom took pictures and Dad laughed.

The next day wasn't so good. I decided I didn't want to be in my hutch anymore, so during my exercise social time I got behind the couch and wouldn't come out. Mom waited....and waited... and finally left me there and went to bed at 1:00 in the morning deciding I would come out in the morning when I was hungry. But I had other plans. So the next day I still wouldn't come out.

Mom thought she would bribe me with lettuce and she hung a piece down which I ran out and snatched a bite of, but ran back and hid when she pulled it up. This did not make her happy although I was having the time of my life. So finally Mom ended up having to take the couch apart and move the pieces.

I was captured and uncerimoniously returned to my hutch and grounded. *sigh*

I am currently doing my "Heavy" shedding too and have patches of next to no fur. Mom is trying to keep up with the brushing.

So until next time when maybe I can actually post a picture of me free again,
~Rabbie Burns, BMD, Loyal Minion Mr Gravey, Prisoner

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Passing to the Bridge

We had to take our little Aeowen in to be put to sleep.

Her tumors had gotten large and she was spending more and more time resting with pain in her eyes and grinding her teeth. A sign she was trying to cope with her pain.

None of us wanted to see her in so much pain she couldn't manage and cancer does that.

Her little condo mates Narnia and Josie were incredibly worried about her and would arrange the nest so she was comfortable and would check on her as she rested.

They kept me updated on how she was doing. Yesterday morning they were pretty frantic when I came in to check on the girls in the morning.

Aeowen rode to the vet sitting on my lap and once there, gave me and Kinsey kisses and a snuggle and then went with the vet lady without being upset or worried. She was ready and tired of being in pain.

We are going to miss our girl. Narnia and Josie miss her so too. Aeowen was always curious and into investigating many things. She would be the first to adventure out and check out the new. She was known for biting anyone who got in her territory, but loved to snuggle with me and Kinsey and run all over Rob when he was sleeping. She was the instigator, who chewed through the back of their first condo and left an opening she could use when she wanted free access. It took me awhile to find it. She had started another one on the new condo that probably won't be finished now. Work stopped on it when she got sick 2 months ago.

We love you Aeowen and miss you. Go to the bridge and meet us when we go.

~Poi Mom Jane

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fig's Award

Fig won this award from the photo contest posthumously. I'm so happy.

~Poi Mom Jane

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

BBBR-21 June 2006

Dear Fellow Fluffy Bloggers & 'Beans,

Happy Summer Solstice. No I was not anywhere where I could see and admire the sunrise.

Mom thinks I'm adorable.

Dad doesn't.

I ate the extension cord he uses to plug in his laptop. It was very tasty. Then I peed on the bedspread by his pillow.

I got mail, a great big envelope. It was from my mighty Minion Leader Riff. He sent me a magnet, and I wanted to put it on the frig where everyone else including the cats have magnets, but Merlin said "No." and moved it. So Mom had to get after him and tell him to share and that everyone is allowed to put magnets on the frig. So now I have Riff where I can see him when I'm out and about.

I'm shedding...a lot. It is summer and HOT here. Okay so it's not as hot as some places, but hot enough.

I finished eating off the cover of one of Mom's book and now I'm working on the next in line. I also have started on the basket that holds my toys, and the cat bed, but don't tell them.

Until next time,

Rabbie Burns, BMD, Loyal Minion Mr Gravey

Monday, June 19, 2006


Oh yea! See me dancin' and singin'..... I won, I won, I won.

PMJ: Uh Merlin, do you think that is really sporting of you to brag so?

Merlin: Mom, I've never won anything....ever....I'm so happy--don't rain on my parade.

PMJ: Okay Merlin. Concatulations from all of us on your silver medal. We love you. :)

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Arthur Dentrat has some kind of nasty congstion in his chest.

As his best buddy, I'm worried. ~Ford Prefectrat

Arthur has seen the VET and is on Aunty Biotics medicine. I hope she doesn't mind. I am taking good care of him by grooming him, snuggling with him, and sharing some of the food I steal from him. I don't want Arthur to go to the bridge because like I said, he is my best buddy. I would miss him terribly and I would cry.

Now I'm going to sleep with my head in the food dish. ~Ford

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

On the lighter side, some silly picts from Poiland....Rabbie Burns: You talkin' to me? Posted by Picasa

Merlin: Seriously, no one can see me now...this is great. Posted by Picasa

Ko Ko: You think I did WHAT????? Posted by Picasa

Ford Prefectrat can sleep in about any position.....must be all the space travel. Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 12, 2006

Bad Bunny Burns Report - 12 June 2006

Dear Fellow Fluffy Blogging Buddies,

The previous pictures of Merlin were taken as Mom left to go see Grammie Louise. He takes Mom leaving so hard. Now that Mom is back; he is super happy.

We are burnind a candle for Esel's Mom today. We are also sending our prayers that she comes through her surgery okay and is fine afterward. We are with you in our thoughts Edsel and family.

I also didn't want to see Mom and Dad and Kinsey "little bun" leave this last time. I hate it when they are gone, no fresh greens this time. Mom took me into the room while she was packing and put me down on the counter and I hopped right back up on her shoulder and told her not to leave me. I explained I would be left without a bunny slave. She promised to give me a temporary one. Not the same, not the same at all.

Edsel and family, hang in there. We are all pulling for you and your Mom and family.

~Rabbie Burns, BMD, & Honorary Minion

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dealing with cats who don't want you to leave.

Merlin: You promised no more trips this year. You promised!!!
Poi Mom Jane: We have to go this time Merlin. It is unexpected and
I didn't know we would be going away so soon again.

Merlin: You promised! How am I supposed to believe you?
You stay home with me and let Dad go.
PMJane: I can't Merlin. I have to go. Now get off of my luggage.

Merlin: No.
PMJane: Come on aMerlin, the cab is here.
Get off of my luggage.
Merlin: No.

Merlin gets uncerimoniously dumped on the floor.

Merlin sulking by the window: You've broken my heart.
PMJane: *sigh* Merlin, stop being dramatic. I love you.
I will be back as soon as I can. feeling horribly
From the background-Poi Dad "Jane the cab is here."

Friday, June 09, 2006

Good Bye Grammie Louise

To all Fellow Fluffy Bloggers & Their 'Beans,

We would like to thank everyone for their thoughts, good wishes, and nice sentiments for Grammie Louise. She was one special lady. The stroke was too much for her at 95 to withstand and their was nothing they could do surgically to help or aid her since she was to old to handle it. Our 'bean Daddy decided life support would be unreasonable with only a 5 % chance of her getting better, so he decided to let her go with dignity and love. Kinsey Kitten's Great Grammie Louise passed away on the evening of 27th of May and we all wished her a peaceful ride to the summerland and a passage of love and light. Grammie touched so many 'bean and fluffy lives. She was so sweet that everyone knew her as Honey, very few knew her real name. We know she is with her beloved daughter Peggy and her husband Grampy Robert. She missed her daughter so much (Dad's Mom) that she always talked about her in the letters she wrote to Mom.

We love you Grammie Louise and miss you.

Walk in love and light until we meet again and watch over us when you can.

~Poiland Tribe