Friday, September 29, 2006

The story of Morgan and Georgie's indiscretions

Once upon a time....wait, that is not right....Once the other day, wait, that is not really correct.....*sigh* Awhile ago, there were some rats who lived in Poiland with their 'bean pets. This is a story about two of those rats.

Morgan Le Rat was the youngest of Philippa Marlow Shakespeares ratlets and she stayed with her Mom when her siblings were adopted. 'Bean Mom favored her because of her cute white undermuzzle and her jokers smile.

For a little while Phippa and Morgan lived in a condo on top of Rabbie Burns' hutch. When Morgan snuck out of the cage for exploring (which she did way too often) she visited Mr Rabbie on the way home. She wandered around his hutch and slept on the shelf beside Rabbie when they were both tired.

Not to long ago, the rats all moved into the office area so they could talk to each other and be together and be around their 'bean Mom who spent a lot of time in there. The new condo arrangement suited everyone just fine. Morgan was even able to continue exploring. Instead of Rabbie's hutch underneath her condo though there was Mr Georgie. Morgan would sneak out and sleep in Georgie hammock when he slept in his flower pot.

'Bean Mom was trying on finding a way to stop this until Morgan got to big to fit through the bars when all of a sudden, Morgan stopped visiting Georgie and stayed home. Curious, but acceptable to all but Georgie, who felt a little slighted. Morgan looked to be putting on weight.

Well, on Wednesday Morgan gave birth to 9 of the largest, healthiest ratlets 'bean Mom has ever seen. They are huge and fat. They looked 4-5 days old already, but they were newborn. And Morgan is very proud. She loves her ratlets so much and takes very good care of them in a special condo 'bean Mom got just for her and her babies.

What a surprise, but how exciting. 'Bean Mom especailly loves little ratlets and these are super cute. She is hoping some have dumbo ears like their Daddy. Morgan hopes they all look like her. Phippa says she is too young to be a grandmother and has chewed Georgie out.

Here are some picts of the parents and little ratlets:

Georgie, the Daddy: You could at least
wait until I'm through bathing to take
the picture.

Morgan, the Mommy: Yes, who's there?

Morgan checks the perimeter to make sure it's safe.

Morgan checks for cats.

Morgan: Okay Mom you can look, but don't
Poi Mom Jane: Can I hold just one?
Morgan: No
PMJ: Please, just one.
Morgan: No
PMJ: They are so fat and cute, just one.
Morgan: NO
Morgan: Fine, just one.

PMJ proceeds to pick all of them up to Morgan's
great consternation resulting in Morgan giving her
a little warning nip on the finger.
"Fine" sniffs PMJ putting down the ratlets.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

~Winston Churchmouse

Well, thanks for the ride.
~Phippa M. Shakespearerat

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hmmm, what have we here?


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I want to thank everyones for their nice comments
about Arthur. He was my best friend and a
good rat. He smiled a lot. ~Ford Prefectrat

Hello. Aren't I beautiful? ~Shadow =^..^=
This is my own bed right by Kinsey Kittens.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Narnia Smallrat
December 2004-September 2006

It's been very hard. Narnia, my little girl, had to be helped to the bridge this month when she developed an aggressive cancer in her belly that resulted in a tumor that grew to half her size in six weeks.

Narnia was my girl. She never grew more than about 4 or 5 inches (not counting her beautiful tail). She was a firecracker, so full of life and stayed that way up to the last three days.

Narnia was an adventurer, a wrestler, a fiesty girl who hardly ever sat still. She was wrestling Josie (at least twice her size) and power grooming her and winning a week before she had to go in to the vet. When her tumor got ungainly, she would swipe a treat and hold onto the hammock with one hand and foot and the cage with the other hand and foot and drop onto the cage bottom with her loot before she ran off and hid it. She also finished up Aeowen's large hole in the back of the condo before she left us.

I always called her my tiny girl. She always loved me. After her adventures free roaming, she would curl up under my shirt and go to sleep snuggled up and comfy on my chest.

I love you so much Narnia and miss you. The spirit you brought to life here is missed. There is a void little one.

~Poi Mom Jane

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Arthur Dentrat
~Adopted on 10 July 2005 as an adult
~Passed on 16 September 2006

Best Friend

by Ford Prefectrat

We were together

Little ratlets in a tank

Then just the two of us

Left over.

We were together

She took us home

Even though we were big.

We were together

In a condo by her bed

Sharing pizza, corn, cookies-

Rat goodies.

We were together

In adventures on Mount Couch

And Desert Bed with

Forest Pillows.

We were together

New condo

New room

Begging by the couch

For treats.

We were together

When you got sick

Not much movement.

We were together

To celebrate

New adventures

More times

You moved and ate.

Then you pillowed your head on me

Gasping for air to breath-

We were together.

Now your gone.

I sit in your hammock

Waiting for you.

I miss you.

I’m alone.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Poiland News

Rodentia update..........

Georgie, while sitting by Ford and Arthur's cage innocently minding his own business and free roaming time, was bitten on the hindquarters. Ford, the perp, grabbed a mouthful of Georgie's fur and pulled and wouldn't let go no matter how much Georgie wiggled. Georgie now sits feeling very sorry for himself with a 1/2 inch line of missing skin and fur, while Ford cops ignorance. However, Ford's act of innocence does not go far when he is surrounded by chunks of white fur scattered around the outside of the side of his condo/cage. Jealousy is an ugly thing and painful, just ask Georgie.

Poodie update..............

Ko Ko is putting in an official complaint form against Mom. It seems she refuses to share even one of the mice with him, and he considers this incredibly selfish since there are quite a few now. In his opinion, Mom could share one little mouse. He promises to take care of it. Selfish, selfish 'beans.

Bun update...................

Rabbie is enjoying the new positioning of his hutch in the living room. He now can see the goings on of the 'beans and be close to his hutch during his free ranging time. He also enjoys sitting under the hutch when he is out now.

It seems he also has a new girlfriend since Bonita Chinchilla said yes. Way to go Rabbie and Bonita

Meece update..........

All of the little micelets have now opened their eyes and are enjoying running rampant around the mouse house. They all agree it is great fun to run up to the side and tease the cats who cannot get into the cage now that it is on the floor. No more tipped over mouse house for them.

The boys are enjoying a new addition on their sky lair that adds a who new outlook on their nesting dimension. All three are getting quite large and fluffy.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mom Finally Helped Me post picts of my Secret Paws

So my Kinsey helped me open my Secret Paws when
it came and she also took the pictures.
Mom finally helped me put them on blogger
for efurryone to see.

Hey my Secret Paws is from Midnight. Wow,
thank you so much Midnight. I love getting

Here's my pict with some of my treatsies....
stinky goodness, crunchy treats, catnip, a ball....
catnip??????? Oh yeah

Pour a little catnip on me, woo hoo hoo hoo......

Wow, what is this fluffy thing......how pretty.....

I'm rollin' yes indeed, I'm rollin yes indeed.....

Oh my paws are so white.......woah......

Fangs you so much Midnight. As you can see I thoroughly
enjoyed all of my gifties, especially the catnip, but the
others too.
~Love, Shadow

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ode to an Apple

Oh I love my little apple green
Sitting on my condo screen.
Can you see my apple here
As I stretch upon the sphere?
Nothing can quite compare
To an apple I won't share.
Yes, come to me my apple dear
I will protect you never fear.
For even though you make me doot
I love to taste your juicy fruit.

Oh I love my apple green
I have to hide 'fore it's seen.

~Ford Prefectrat

Monday, September 04, 2006

Bad Bunny Burns Report-4 September 2006

Dear Fellow Fluffie and Non-Fluffie Bloggers,

Yes it has been awhile since I have blogged my BBBR. I've been on vacation. But I am happy to share with you my latest picture.

After the investigation into the horrible mousemistake and the conclusion, it has quieted down here. One of the perps has been a repeat offender and tried to get the little kits, so the perp (Ko Ko) is currently wearing a tracking device and has been banned from all rodent activities. Other than that, things are back to normal, or as normal as they ever are.

I would like to officially ask Bonita Chinchilla to be my girlfried if her brudder Riley and her 'beans say okay. She is so fluffy and very cute. I want to put your picture on the blog sidebar too, Bonita. Please?

I have not chewed anymore things than normal, the couch, some papers, a coupla book covers, the usual. I've been pretty quite due to the hot weather, but it has cooled down in the evenings so the days should cool down soon too. Then, watch out....the chew machine will be back into business.

Mom gives me grapes every now and again. I LOVE grapes! I don't care for bananas much, but I LOVE grapes and apples and dried apricots, and watermelon, and.......well you get the idea.

I've almost chewed up all of one of my greenie bunny bone treats that Bonita sent me.

Mom rearranged the office and now all the rat rodentia are in one room and the boy mice. The girls are in Kinsey Kitten's room to protect them and I'm going to be moving into the living room soon, so I can get in and out of my hutch at will during the day.

The rats all converse now and are quite the talkers.

Well that is all for my BBBR. Will write again later,
~Rabbie Burns aka Mr Gravey

Friday, September 01, 2006

Murder Mystery End....

News Report....News Report...

We are happy to report that the suspects have been apprehended and have agreed to a plea bargain concerning the death of Chancey Mousepetpet. Both perpentrators have plead guilty to mouseslaughter and been given 1 year of probation during which they are not allowed within 5 feet of any mouse house or mouse body and 50 hours of community service each. If caught disobeying their probation, all catnip toys will be taken away and they could get incarceration in the bathroom or sprayed with the water bottle for each offense.

Mrs. Penelope P Pickwick continues to raise Chancey and her babies who now have fur but have not yet opened their eyes. A recent highlight in her life is the addition of babies by her sister Victoria Monkmouse. All kits are in the nest snuggling together and squeaking for milk.

Below are pictures showing parts of the case work and participants:

The crime scene once it was taped off by investigators.

Print powder in use, (which along with the ink
used on certain paws for print comparison left
a nice mess for CSI Kinsey to clean up all up and
down the hallway)

Lifted prints-used for perp comparison.

Penelope P Pickwick and sister Victoria Monkmouse refusing
to talk to the press who camped out at their door.

The distraught Mrs. Penelope P Pickwick, widow.

Mrs. Penelope P Pickwick requesting to be left
in peace now that justice has been served, so
she may raise her young.