Sunday, December 30, 2007

Merlin Fanks his SP.......Millie

Let me just say that I LUV tissuepaper, and Millie sent me
lots of tissuepaper and I played wif it all day along wif my
nip toy, which was great. Thank you Secret Paw Millie-
you are the best. *crinkle, crinkle, crinkle, sniff, snort, snuffle*

Checking to see if all the pressies are out of the bag
and removing the tissue, 'cuase I LUV tissuepaper.

Havin' a treat, yummm.....

And a neat pink ball that makes sounds.....

But nofing beats the nip toy and the tissuepaper. I plays
all day wif both

all day long and all day long and all day long

soon the nip toy is soggy, but I still luv it and my tissuepaper
is ripped and shredded but I still play and play and play

Mom says I act like a kitten not a 10 year old cat, silly MOM.

Thank you so much for the great SP pressies Millie.
I have played until I am exhausted and will play wif
it all again tomorrow and furefer. I luv my pressies.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 in Review.....

The Fluffy Tribe Year in Review is being dedicated to little
Quark Ferengirat who passed away with what I believe was
a stroke. Quark had been battling an inner ear infection that
would appear to clear up after each antibiotic run and then would
come back worse each time. The last day he had lost the use of
his left side and was unable to lift his head and refused all food
and drink I tried to give him, by morning my little fuzzy dude had
passed to the Rainbow Bridge. Quark was the sweetest snuggler
around. He would come out for free range time and would just
sit and snuggle on me most of the time after a brief exploring.
I miss your sweet snuggle Quark. Say hi to effuryone at the
Bridge for me. There are too many of you little ones
recently there from The Tribe right now and I miss every
single one of you and everything you brought to brighten my
life with your fuzzy loves and furriendship. Rom misses
you Quark and Percy wonders where you have gone to.
You've been the happiest rat ever since you were adopted
as a big 6 month old boy with your brother Romulus. I'm glad
you are no longer in pain with your ear problems little one.
I love you Quark, love Mom.

Quark Ferengirat
Feb 2006-Dec 2007

January 2007: Mom was gone 1/2 the month in MewYork with Kinsey kitten. We gots our Secret Paws when she got back.

Feburary 2007: We Are the Kitties premiered.

March 2007: Fluffy Tribe book reviews start.....then mysterieously stop, hmmmmm

April 2007: We find out we are moving to some far away place.

May 2007: Mom and Dad are trying to sell our condo by showing it to strangers and we have to be hiding during "open houses", so much for open. Georgie Sr passes to the Rainbow Bridge.

June 2007: Some strange person buys our condo and all of our furniture and toys disappear. Ford Prefectrat passes to the Rainbow Bridge.

July 2007: We get wings and fly, a horrendous experience, to somewhere called MewMewxico.

August 2007: Premier of the first FLUFFY TRIBE YouTube video, and we stay in a "temporary" home that smells funny.

September 2007: We move into our new furrever home with lots of room for us to rome.

October 2007: Vishus deer report and Nymphadora Tonks moves into Kinsey Kitten's room.

November 2007: Rabbie gives tour of new yard. Georgie Jr passes to the Rainbow Bridge. WASTK premiers.

December 2007: Phillippa Marlow Shakespearerat and Montague Madrat and Quark Ferengirat pass to the Rainbow Bridge. We adopt Sir Percival Sniffsalot and nurse him back to health. Secret Paws brighten the Hollydayz and we are still posting the pictures from that.

~The Fluffy Tribe

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Shadow's Secret Paws.....Pumpkin

Oh, oh look, my SP package came and I got to open it
and guess what? It is from Pumpkin!!! Thank you Pumpkin.

Oh look I got a stocking wif goodies in it. Wow!!!

Oh what do I play wif first, the catnip, the treats, the toys,
and look I gots a kitty to put wif Pinkie the squillion. It is
all colourful.

I'm going to kiss my mousie, good mousie.

Oh these Temptations are the best. I LUV temptations.

Now for the dangly toy wif feffers....ATTACK!

Thank you so much Pumpkin for my Secret
Paws. I luv efurrything in it. Thank you
so much.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Hollydayz.....

Merry Christmas to all our furriends
and their families from
The Fluffy Tribe & 'Beans

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Rat Girlz Secret Paws......from Sparky Fuzzypants

We, the Rat Girlz of the Fluffy Tribe, want to thank
Sparky Fuzzypants for the wonderful Secret Paws pressies.
We LUVED everything in the box and the box too.
The pictures below may be a bit chaotic 'cause of all
of our running around checking out stuff.
There were all kinds of treats and even a stocking stuffed
full of goodies.

Oh look at this we haf yoggies, berry yoggies, everyone grab one.....
Leela leads the way.

A hammock, some goodies......Hey look girls there more in here!

Princess Sophia says "Ooooh I just luv Ratatouille!!!"

Meepit want everyone to check out the STOCKING.

Georgia tries a Ratatouille treat, yum!!!!

Morgan encourages everyone to try the stocking out.

Meepit luvs the edible log.

Look at all these TREATS, yess........

I want a yoggie too!

Morgana swipes a treat out of a great strawberry treat holder.

Three girlz sittin' in a stocking. Mom promises to put hangers
on the stocking so we can use it as a hammock in our condo.
It is so snuggly and warm.

Georgia demonstrates the strawberry treat holder.

How many girls can fit in a stocking? Four......

Thank you, thank you, thank you
Sparky Fuzzypants, we LUV our pressies
so much and they are going to give us
hours of enjoyment and lots of seasonal

Yes, yes Thank You SPARKY .
~The Rat Girlz of the Fluffy Tribe

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rat Boyz Secret Paw.....Sara of the Morning Scratch

The Rat Boyz received their Secret Paws and found out the
pressies were from Sara of the Morning Scratch.
She is a beautiful orange tabby kitty with an ear for mews.
We could not wait to check out our presents,
charging right past the card and into the box.
(We did read the card later)

It took awhile for Mom to remove us from the box
so she could actually get our presents open
for us to inspect closer....

Quite awhile actually since Quark, Rom, and Percy
all wanted to stay in the box and get the presents out themselves.

Percy, you say. Yes, we have just adopted Sir Percival
Sniffsalot. All of my boyz are older now and Percy was sitting in
the feeder cage with a broken tail, half a missing finger on his
left hand and a huge swollen toe on his right foot. He is all
healed up and adorable, pinging around in ratty teenage
glee as he discovers the world. Rom and Quark took to
him immediately and now all are "roomies".
Percy loves Secret Paws and getting presents.....

Quark inspects a yoggie.....

....and the fiddlesticks, which he loved.....

.....but the most popular gift was the cuddle sack. All the boys loved
the cudddle sack and have been informed they have to share
it, taking turns having it in each rat condo.

Quark, Rom and Percy
did not want to leave the cuddle sack to let Wolfie check out the
Secret Paws.

Wolfie loved all the treats.....

.....the yoggies and crunchy bites, but.....

.....luved the cuddle sack the best too.

All the Rat Boyz want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH
SARA for the awesome Secret Paws. We luvs all of it.
THank you, thank you, thank you....foofs
~Rat Boyz of the Fluffy TRibe

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rabbie Meme.....

If you don't know how to play the tag game, here are the rules: List 5 random things about yourself on your blog. Then, tag 5 friends at the end of your post with a link to their blogs. Don’t forget to let your blogger friends know they've been tagged. Then, it's their turn. They will list 5 random things on their blog and tag 5 more people and so on and so on. Make sure to go back to their blog so you can read their 5 random things.

1. I luvs my Aunty Mary and go to her for pets.
2. I thump my foot really hard when I don't want put back in my hutch yet after playtime.
3. I mutter to mom in bunny grunts when something bothers me.
4. I don't like to be outside when it is cold or wet or windy or too hot.
5. I don't like green beans or parsnips.

Now I tag The North Carolina Bunnies to play the meme.

~Rabbie Burns

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Autumn Losses.....

This last week I had to help my Phippa and her grandson Monty to the bridge.

Montague MadRat, still young and dashing, developed a respiratory infection
that would not respond to antibiotics. On top of this, he also had a large lump
grow on the right side of his face. We were unable to get the lump removed
because Monty simply was not strong enough while fighting the lung infection.
The lump was pushing his jaw out of alignment and Monty could not eat.
Rather than see him starve or be in anymore pain, we helped him to the
Rainbow Bridge.
Wolfie is now alone and misses his two brothers terribly.
He looks for them daily. Both Monty and Georgie JR. were very young
to be gone, but nature has her own ways of dealing with us all and she
called my two boys had to go home to the Bridge.
Wofie weeps for his brothers,
and I'm giving him extra attention so he doesn't pine away or
get to sad and depressed, but I worry I am not enough of
a substitute for the little guy. Like his father, Wolfie only accepts
living with his family and refuses to even consider another rat.
~Montague MadRat October 2006-November 2007~
Rest in Peace Little Handsome Brown Eyes

In addition to Monty's sickness, Phippa also was helped home
to the Rainbow Bridge. Phippa, in fact, left with her grandson.
My darling girl developed a chest cyst, which could have been
removed if not what looked like additional cervical cancer. Phippa was
incredibly vibrant and didn't want to leave us, but her bleeding
had gotten to much and her weight loss left her getting
dangerously thin. Even with her tired eyes she loved to groom
me when I picked her up and chittered on my hand when I held
I miss my Phippa so much.
She picked me from the pet store when
I went in and she was a young (pregnant) girl who played hide-n-seek
with me until I took her home. Phippa has 23 children, 21 lived.
She was the best Mommy ever, cuddling her kits while they nursed
and always taking the best care of them. She loved her girls
even after they grew up and always snuggled with Morgan, her
daughter who stayed with us when the others were adopted.
I miss you Phippa - your bright eyes
and fun spirit, and adventurous little rattiness.


Philippa Marlow Shakespearerat
Dec 2005-Nov 2007

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